Friday, April 17, 2009

Saving Money

Is this on everyone's mind?  I had a wonderful friend come through town last weekend - she is one of my "thrifty idols."  She is just amazing, so frugal, a thrify store goddess...  We had lots of conversations about how to save money.  One thing she spoke about was how much they save by shopping at Costco.  Costco has begun to zero in on the demand from the people and is stocking lots of organic and natural foods.  Great right?  So why can't I shake off my resistance and join the crowd?

Does Costco Corporate care about the communities they serve?  Maybe they do.  Does Costco support other local businesses?  Maybe they do.  Does Costco care about their affect on the earth and take that into consideration when shipping/buying their goods?  Maybe they do.  Does Costco put the people they serve and employ ahead of the almighty dollar?  Maybe they do.  But I am thinking they probably don't do these things...

When do you get to the point that the money saving is more important that the community, the people, the earth?  Believe me, we do not have a lot of money.  And I REALLY need to figure out how to spend it better.  But I just don't know if Costco is the answer.  Plus, I have faith that the people in our community will walk into the doors of my market and spend their money because they believe in me and our community.  How can I shop at Costco and still expect people to shop at Sky Valley Natural Market?

So my plan is this - I will do everything in  my power to make SVNM affordable.  I will work with my customers (YOU) in finding ways to give the best deals possible.  I do have to pay bills and a few employees to stay open, so keep that in mind, but I am open, really open, to ideas on how to keep prices down and how to keep my people coming in the door.

I am working on making an appointment with the Small Business Development Center in Edmonds.  We continue to move forward!

Thanks for reading my ramble :)
Smiles ~ Casey