Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Co-operatively dreaming...

Hi Everyone!

My goodness, how is this sunshine???  It has been almost a month since the last time I posted and lots has happened in our life...  I have really had to reevaluate what my dream is and the best way to make it happen.  Sky Valley Natural Market needs to become a reality in Monroe - it is way past time!  There are TOO MANY of us out here who want and need this alternative.  As I have stated before, the dream for me is more that just a market, it is also a place for community, for gathering, for sharing and learning information to make our world a better place.  We need a space for our deep vein of progressive-minded people to be...

Up until this point I have really felt that I want to pursue this on my own, as my own private business.  I am now realizing that this is not the best way to make this happen.  Many of you have approached me asking if this was a "co-op" idea and I said no, I'm going at it as a sole-proprietor.  Now I am beginning to realize that the true spirit of this adventure is co-operative!  The creation of this market should be FOR our community, BY our community...  Yes, I absolutely want to remain in the thick of it, using the skills I have to press on and make it happen, but we all need to take a bit of the dream and lift it up into reality.  What do you think?

So, I know that some of you have been involved in the discussion about getting a natural food store here, what did you find out?  Where did your work lead you?  I am thinking I need to get in touch with Sno-Isle in Everett and see how we can work with them.  There has got to be grants out there for this kind of "green community building" project, and I happen to have a grant writer in my family (yes you, Jaime).  Please if you are reading this and you know ANYTHING about forming a coop, get in touch with me.  There are so many people reading this blog that I just KNOW collectively we have the skills to see this through!

So that is the latest from my head.  Sky Valley Food Co-op?  Monroe Food Co-op?  Sno-Isle East?


So let's do it!

Looking forward to hearing from you all :)