Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reality Check

Hello friends and supporters...  It is with a slightly sad heart that I write this post...  I am going to need to postpone the opening date of Sky Valley Market until sometime in 2010.  Gosh, that seems like forever from now...  The reality of the situation is that my enthusiasm, my vision, my goals - these are not enough.  I also need some money.  Not only that, my family needs to be in better financial standing to take the risk of starting this venture.

I am 100% convinced this business will be a success and I can't WAIT to bring it to our community.  This is something I am WHOLEHEARTEDLY committed to doing.  I believe that giving it more time will increase that success...  For those of you who have been waiting FOREVER for a natural food store to come to Monroe, I am one of you, and I am sorry if this news is disappointing.  Please don't give up on me and my passion!!!

So there are plans in the works and goals set to carry on the progress and work I have done toward the creation of the market...  I am still meeting with the the Small Business Development Center, two weeks from today,  to learn about opportunities for finding funding.  I am planning on doing some really fun fundraising events over the next year to grow the "market nest egg" (anyone know the rules about fundraising?).  I will continue to post to this blog, and ask for feedback.

This is my dream.  This will happen.
Thanks for listening :)



  1. How about building some excitement and your brand by doing something this year, like finding a spot for a pea patch in Monroe?

    It might take too long to do it, ie too late for growing, but publicity is always good if you tried to find a spot.

    Or something similar, some kind of local event or give back to build your future clientele beyond this blog or facebook page and whatever else you are doing.

    Better not to start out when you don't have all the pieces put together. Nice job making a tough call.

  2. Agreed on the wait. It is nice to see young families wait instead of pushing ahead through stuff they don't have to. Visions that are meant to last will, I am confident. Maybe there is some way to connect with this year's Monroe Farmer's Markets to build some excitement. Is there a way you might be able to start with some items to sell there, or even out of your home (weekly or monthly)? Without the overhead of a location to support, maybe you could start building your nest egg.

  3. You'll be happy you waited until you have all of those little ducks in a row. No matter when you start, you'll be jumping in with both feet, but it'll be better when you can jump in with a solid plan (and funding!!) so that when you get wet you'll know just what to do.

    I'll think about the fundraising idea some and get back to you.

  4. Leo Buscaglia said "You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint your paradise, then in you go!" You have a vision for something for MORE than just yourself, but you need to be sure you can sustain before you can promote sustainability. It will happen, and I like the first person's comment of building recognition through community activism and building some sort of nest egg (free range, of coures). Once more people feel invested in its inception, more will feel invested in its continued success. It WILL happen, Casey. In terms of time, it's just waiting a little longer for the right time to be born. It's inevitable AS YOU KNOW and an induced birth means (usually) medical intervention. Take your TWO BEAUTIFUL life lessons (son and daughter) to heart in thinking about birthing this dream.

  5. Keep the faith girl..When you build it, we will come!!

  6. Oh my gosh, you guys rule! Thank you for all the support! I have tears in my eyes as I think of all the people in my life who really "get me" what a gift you all are! I take you suggestions to heart and will be building the brand in the year to come.

    So much love!!!