Thursday, March 26, 2009

It feels like it may be spring...

Hi everyone!

Doesn't it feel good today???  I realize my thermometer only reads 53 outside, but we did wake up to clear skies and a beautiful sunrise...  maybe spring is ready to make an appearance?  I sure hope so - tomorrow IS the beginning of "spring break" and all...

So what is going on with the market?  I have been getting this question a lot lately.  I did finish my business class and now have a business plan.  What I plan on doing in the next month or so is to go to the Small Business Development Center to try and work with them in securing a loan.  We all know how crazy the economy is right now, so getting a loan is going to take some time.  And obviously, having money is crucial to starting the business.

While we are on the economy, I want to be clear to you all, I am going to open the doors to this business at a time when I think it will succeed.  I mean, I'm not doing anyone any favors if I open too soon and have to go out of business because my timing is off.  I would love to open in mid to late September.  This is a change from the early August projection...  September would work better for me because that gives me a chance to get my kids settled into their school routine before the craziness of juggling my family needs with the market.

I have also sent a note to the owners of the old Papa Mia's building on Main Street to find out some more information about the space and costs.  This was very exciting because when I peeked in the window there, I saw how  I visualize the market to be!  Space for people to gather, kids to play, space for the market goods.  There is also a commercial kitchen there so I have asked a good friend if she would be into doing some prepared food (salads, sandwiches). This is all so so exciting...  Hopefully the people who own the building will understand the goodness I am trying to bring to our community and support me with a reasonable lease!

Please continue to keep up with the blog, and pass the blog address around!  We are also on Facebook @ The Friends of Sky Valley Natural Market.  I noticed as well, for those of you interested in making comments to my post, you can comment as "anonymous" and it's real easy - please, your comments are ENCOURAGED and WELCOME!

Happy sunny day to you all!


  1. I had NO idea you were getting into this goodness! I'm excited to be in the loop and look forward to helping however I can. :)

  2. Hello! I tried to find you on FB, with a variety of versions of The Friends of Sky Valley Natural Market, but it never came up. I would love to add you.