Monday, January 12, 2009

Business Concept...

Hey All :)

So I had to write a "Business Concept Statement" for my online small business class and I wanted to share what I wrote...  I wrote it all in the present tense because it feels to real and possible that way - let me know what you think!

Business Concept Statement

Sky Valley Natural Market is located in Monroe, Washington.  WE are a healthy, all natural alternative for members of the community who want to support local farmers and the local economy.  The market also provides teaching and learning opportunities for those inetested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and is seen as a place for progressive action and conversation.
The Sky Valley Market is not a corporation; it is a locally owned business.  Products sold at the market are of high quality, organic and all natural, provided by local farms and companies.  Our customers are families and single people coming from the local communities, who want healthy, organic food choices.  Supporting local businesses is also important to our customers.  Some of our customers suffer from food allergies and want a place to find products that fir their dietary needs.
Sky Valley Natural Market offers competitive prices and is conveniently located in downtown Monroe.  Customers are confident in the safety of our products and see the quality of our food as being superior to that of the big chain grocery stores.  People enjoy the family friendly environment of the market and find it an easy place to spend time.
The grand opening of the Sky Valley Natural Market is Saturday, August 1, 2009.  Customers and supporters of the market have been keeping track of the progress by following the blog,  Here the owner of the business reports on what is happening and asks the community for feedback so as to provide the best possible service to her customers.  Promotion is also happening at other local businesses in town, where patrons tend to make alternative choices for health.  Finally, ads are taken out in local newspapers, the Monroe Monitor and the Snohomish County Herald.

There it is...  What do you think?


  1. Hi Casey,
    Glad to be on your blog. I'm hoping to share information about growing vegetables. We are (again) organizing an organic community vegetable garden in Index; 10x10 plots are available to interested residents. People can contact me if they're interested in participating.

  2. Casey I like it, needs a little polishing but is a wonderful first draft. I can't wait until it opens, really Aug 1, 2009??????

  3. Sounds like I can't wait until August 1! It's about time we have a store like this in Monroe. Our family lives on 2.5 acres right north of the fairgrounds, and we are trying to work toward gardening year round. We are newbies, but have a heart to produce enough for ourselves and extra for those in need. I have seen the benefit of eating healthy and having you close by will make that so much easier!