Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New World

Hello friends...  As I write this morning I am humbled by the words I just listened to coming from our new president.  I am so proud to be a part of the movement, the cause, the power of the people!  It's amazing that in this time of conflict and financial insecurity, I can still feel so glad, so lucky to be alive...

I am really enjoying my business class, learning so much about how to make the market a success. Right now we are focusing on market and customer research.  Researching is not my favorite thing to do, but what I am learning is that the more I do the better the market will do. As I have said before, my goal is to set up the market in a way that your needs are met.  I don't see this market as a huge store, but rather a place that is thoughtfully stocked with what you want, with a focus on local farmers and distributors.   Please check back frequently to participate in the surveys I will be posting on the blog to gather more information.

I may have found a location for the market, which is very exciting!  It is a home that is owned by a local family.  They are gutting and remodeling the whole inside and are willing to listen to my ideas on the end design.  Things are moving along...  I am so proud to be working toward bringing this to my community, my friends!

Until next time - Casey

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  1. Casey, today was the beginning of America's long awaited healing. I could feel the energy actually shift in the last few days. This is such a welcome transition. Bless you for riding the wave and continuing to work to unite us in our corner of the world. You are appreciated.